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iDEAL Paint Booths: Ready for Immediate Shipment 

Merchant 1 Marketing (M1M) welcomes you to which offers an overview of our pre-fabricated / powder-coated paint booths. These booth kits are in-stock and ready to ship.   

Our other site,, offers US-made and custom-built booths out of Reidsville, NC.  Local manufacturing allows us to sell both 'standard' booths as well as custom-built booths (i.e. longer, wider, shorter, taller, etc) - basically adapting the paint booth to your shop's footprint.

Regardless of which product or site you chose -- you will have reachable US-based support for service before, during, and 'after the check clears'. 

Our Primary Goals are to:

(1)  Answer the phone and get you to a live person as your point of contact -- not just an e-mail submission for a quote or answering machine for a voice mail

(2)  Get a quote into your hands within hours, not days or weeks

(3)  Address any questions / concerns in terms of the booth, delivery, and options. 

(4)  Recommend the optimal solution--not the most expensive for you operation 

(5)  Provide alternatives...Pre-fabricated booths as well as custom-built. We are co-located with Merchant 1 Manufacturing in Reidsville, NC giving us the ability to offer custom-sized / US-manufactured booths as

(6)  Provide you a baseline knowledge of paint booths if you are new to the concepts, types, options, benefits, and potential pitfalls of paint booths. See attachment below for some basic information on the paint booths and some of the most critical purchase and installations considerations:  

Click Here for a 'Paint Booths:101' white paper  

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